Four Wheels Electric Skateboard board Hoverboard with Remote Control

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Product Introduction:                                                                                                                           


Product size: 910*290*120mm

Net weight: 7.8KG

Wheel size: 90*53mm

Speed: Fast/Mid/Slow (adjust by switch)

Max speed: 35-40KM/H

Max range: 15KM (depends on the weight and road condition)

Control system: 2.4G RF Wireless Bluetooth remote controller

Battery capacity: LG/Samsung 4400mAh lithium battery  

Charge time: About 2 hours

Voltage: 36V

Motor power: 600W(300W*2) Hub motor

Max load: 120KG

Climbing angle: 15°

Plank material: Imported Canadian Maple

Wheel material: PU wheel

Suitable for: Men&Women&Kids

Packaging weight: 11kg

Packing size: 930*300*200mm


Package include:

1 X Electric Skateboard 

1 X Remote Controller

1 X Power Charger

1 X "T"Screw Tool

Reviews from Customer:

Love the board all the way but with every product you have pro's and con's the pro's are 1-good remote love the feel and wheel for smooth riding also its response is good it also biebs when battery is low 2-the torq on this board is like a cannonbal hitting you witch is really nice 3-the look and feel of the motors PU are smooth 4-its also not heavy to carry and well balenced round the handle 5-the beep sound is loud so you know when the battery dies 6-deck is stif so verry stable at hi speeds 7-the batterybox,escbox and adaptor given are hi quality 8- it charges fast 9-every info given about speed and range are 95% correct(unlike some boards) 10- is has a usb charger build in for update or charg a phone ...the only con's are the shape of the deck and the griptape job but al and al A VERRY GOOD BOARD AT THIS PRICERANGE with a remote that to me is better then of my boosted board it also has more range BTW also a thank to the seller for the good and fast shipping

Verry good board theres a usb gate for LED lights under the board or as charging port also very very good remote with the wheel and mode's feel smooth only downside is you have to charge twice a week but stil holds on longer then most remote's out there .torq is also verry good after 100km of riding it smoothens out even better the battery on PRO mode -9km NORMAL mode 12km and SLOW mode 18km top speed is 38.4 kmu with ful battery and 34,6 als ride long witch stil is fast have done a 170km on the board and got to say drives smooth

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