1 Set Irrigation Noodle Head Flexible 360 Degree Water Sprinkler


  • Multi-versatile sprinkler can be customized to efficiently water your odd-shaped garden PLUS it makes a wonderful play spray for toddlers and bigger tots to cool off during the afternoon heat!

  • A dozen flexible noodles bend to direct the spray right where you want it. No more wasted water on the sidewalk, and no wet fences or windows! Get water into every corner of your irregularly shaped beds with this clever design.

  • The stainless steel filter in the base keeps the nozzles flowing freely. Each of the 12 noodles has a 3-stream tip. Creates a fountain effect that plants (and kids) love. At 45 psi, each Noodlehead covers 400 square feet (20 ft x 20 ft area) or a 40 foot long strip. Ground stake included, or mount to a fence, wood block or overhang. Attaches to a standard garden hose.

  • Each flexible tube has a nozzle with 3 separate orifices

  • Each orifice is angled outward at 5 degrees so that when the 3 streams break up and fall 20 feet away the water covers an area approximately 6 feet in diameter (approx 28 square feet per tube, approx 336 square feet per Noodlehead)

  • Streams are thrown approximately 20 feet at 45 psi, 30 feet maximum at 80 psi

  • Each Noodlehead flows approximately 222 gallons per hour (GPH) or 3.7 gallons per minute.

  • Each Noodlehead is pressure tested to 125 P.S.I.

  • Product Features:

  • At 45 psi, each Noodlehead covers a 20'x20' area or a 40' long strip

  • Attaches to a standard garden hose

  • Ground stake included, or mount to a fence, wood block or overhang

  • If you have an underground irrigation system, it will attach to any riser


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